1. Call or e-mail about a surgery.
  2. An initial consultation is required with the surgeon. The consultation fee is $200. This includes x-ray and ultrasound if needed. It does not include other diagnostic studies. If surgery is felt to be needed, the $200 is applied to the total cost of the procedure.
  3. You may be required to obtain a medical clearance from your primary physician. We have an internist that will provide medical clearance at additional cost.
  4. If you elect to proceed with surgery, payment is required prior to surgery. The price paid includes surgeon’s fee, facility fee including implants, anesthesia fee, and post-operative follow up (90 days).   These rates do not apply if insurance is to be used.
  5. Cashier’s check or cash are the preferred payment method. If a credit card is to be used, a 1.5% fee will be added for the credit card processing fee.
  6. You will be called prior to surgery for an arrival time. You will eat nothing after midnight the day before surgery.