Our intent is to make the cost of your surgery as transparent as possible. The fees listed include the facility fee (the use of the operating room and its staff), the surgeon’s fee, the assistant surgeon’s fee, the anesthesiologist’s fee, and an x-ray or ultrasound if necessary. It also includes the medical doctor’s fee who will verify that you are surgically optimized on the day of surgery. One Fee Surgery is unique in the fact that any hardware or implants necessary for the procedure, such as plates for fractures or anchors for shoulder surgery, are included in the quoted price. Other surgery centers exclude implants when quoting prices for surgeries, a sizeable hidden cost.

All balances must be paid in full before the day of surgery. We require 50% down in order to place you on the surgery schedule and the remainder by the day of surgery. Prices are non-negotiable. We accept all major credit cards. Furthermore, if you wish to have your insurance company billed for this procedure, then the prices listed on this website do not apply. These prices are the self-pay rate only.

Any other diagnostic tests such as pre-operative or MRIs will incur an additional charge. Physical therapy is also not covered. An initial consultation with the surgeon will also be conducted, for $200 at the time of the visit. The $200 fee will be applied to the overall cost if you proceed with the surgery. If surgery is not indicated, the fee will be retained by the facility. Lodging and travel expenses are not included in the price of the procedures.

Expenses or fees resulting from complications subsequent to the completion of surgery and discharge from the facility are also not included.