What is included in the price?

Should you be a candidate for surgery, the facility fee including implants, surgeon’s fee, and anesthesiologist’s fee are included in the price. One Fee Surgery is one of the only centers that include implant costs in their price quote. There are no hidden fees. The fee also includes post-operative standard follow up care for 90 days. Complications are not covered.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please contact the One Fee Surgery if you have questions. We can be reached by phone at 708-364-8441 or by e-mail at .

How long is the quoted price valid?

Quotes are valid for 60 days.

How will a surgeon be selected for me?

If the patient doesn’t have a preference, an appropriate surgeon will be selected from our qualified staff.

What if the surgeon does not believe I am a surgical candidate?

If you are not a candidate for surgery, you are only responsible for the consultation fee. If you are felt to be a surgical candidate, the $200 fee will be applied to your surgical bill.

May I stay overnight in the facility?

We do not currently offer overnight stay.

What is the rate of infection at this facility?

Wherever you decide to have your surgery, you should inquire about the rate of infection in their facility. Our rate of infection was 0.035% from 2008 until 2013. These percentages have been and remain astoundingly low compared with an estimated national average of 2.6 % per year.

Who will I pay?

All payments are made to SCSS with the exception of the surgical consultation fee. This will be due and collected at the surgeon’s office.

What methods of payment are acceptable?

To keep our prices as low as possible, cashier’s checks or cash are the methods preferred. Credit cards are accepted with the credit card processing fee of 1.5% applied. Human resource departments or divisions of self-insured companies can make other arrangements if necessary.